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1 Achellia Achellia, The Pearl perennial summer
2 Alstroemeriaceae Alstromeria tender, turberous perennial  
3 Lobularia maritima Alyssum, Sweet Alyssum annual spring, summer, fall
4   Apple Blossom deciduous tee May
5 Aster Aster perennial summer, fall
6 Astilbe Astible perennial summer
7   Azalea flowering shrub spring
8 Gypsophila elegans Baby's Breath perennial or annual summer
9 Centaurea cyanus Bachelor Button annual summer, fall
10 Mondara didyma Bee Balm perennial herb July
11 Bergenia Bergenia    
12   Birds Nest Trefoil perennial July
13 Rudbeckia fulgida Black-Eyed Susan perennial Jume, July
14 Celerodendrum thomasoniae Bleeding Heart perennial June
15 Caryopteris Blue Mist Shrub flowering shrub  
16 Bouganvilla Bouganvilla tropical summer, fall
17 Brachycome Brachycome perennial  
18 Spirea 'Arguta' Bridal Wreath shrub spring
19 Ranunculus Buttercup perennial May, June
20 Buddleia Butterfly Bush flowering shrub summer, fall
21 Iberis Candytuft annual summer
22 Iberis sempervirens Candytuft perennial spring, summer
23 Dianthus Carnation perennial summer
24 Anthemis Chamomile perennial herb spring, summer, fall
25   Cherry Bolssom Flowering Tree spring
26   Chive Flowers perennial herb June
27 Helleborus Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose perennial spring
28 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum perennial fall
29 Aquilegia Columbine perennial or annual summer
30 Heuchera Coral Bells, Alum Root perennial summer
31 Coreopsis Coreopsis, Tickseed annual summer
32 Cosmos Cosmos perennial summer
33 Malus Crab Apple deciduous tree spring
34 Geranium Cranesbiill perennial spring, summer, fall
35 Phlox stolonifera Creeping Phlox perennial spring
36 Crocus Crocus spring bulb presses, microwave
37 Vetch Hippocrepis Crown Vetch Perennial June, July
38 Ribes sanguineum Currant, Gooseberry flowering shrub spring
39 Narcissus Daffodil spring bulb April
40   Daisy, wild perennial June, July, Aug, Sept
41 Delphinium Delphinium perennial summer
42 Dianthus Dianthus, Sweet William, Pinks annual summer
43 Cornus Dogwood flowering tree spring
44   Edelweiss perennial  
45 Myosotis Forget-me-not perennial spring
46   Forsythia flowering shrub spring
47   Four O'Clocks annual summer
48 Freesia Freesia tender corm spring
49 Fuschia Fuschia tropical summer, fall
50 Pelargonium Geranium annual summer, fall
51 Gerbera Gerbera Daisy annual summer, fall
52 Tragopogon dubius Goat's Beard annual June, July
53 Solidago Goldenrod perennial summer, fall
54 Heather Heather, Heath perennial depends on species
55 Lonicera Honeysuckle perennial shrub/vine spring, summer
56 Hyacinthus Hyacinth spring bulb spring
57 Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea perennial summer, fall
58 Impatiens Impatiens annual spring, summer, fall
59 Iridaceae Iris perennial rhizomes summer
60 Polemonium caeruleum Jacob's Ladder perennial spring
61 Iris ensata Japanese Iris bulb  
62 Viburnum Pilcatum Japanese Snowball flowering shrub spring
63 Adenophora Lilifolia Lady Bells perennial summer, fall
64 Alchemilla Lady's Mantle perennial summer
65 Delphinium consolida Larkspur annual summer
66 Lavandula Lavender perennial herb summer
67 Syringa Lilac flowering shrub spring
68 Lilium Lily bulb summer
69 Convallaria Lily of the Valley perennial spring
70 Lobelia Lobelia annual spring, summer, fall
71 Robinia pseudoacacia Locust, Black Locust flowering tree June
72 Lupinus Lupine annual, perennial summer
73 Calendula Marigold annual summer, fall
74 Astrantia Masterwort perennial summer, fall
75 Astrantia major Masterwort perennial  
76 Acacia Mimosa flowering tree  
77 Albizia julibrissin Mimosa, Silk Tree spreading tree summer, autumn
78 Aconitum napellus Monkshood, Wolf's Bane Perennial summer
79 Crocosmia Montbretia corm summer
80 Narcissus Narcissus, Daffodil spring bulb spring
81 Tropaeolum Nasturtium annual summer, fall
82 Nicotiana Nicotiana, Flowering Tobacco annual summer
83 Nigella damascena Nigella, Love-in-a-mist perennial summer
84 Origanum Oregano perennial herb summer
85   Oxeye Daisy perennial summer, fall
86 Viola Pansy annual spring, summer, fall
87 Paeonia Peony perenial June
88 Scabiosa Pin Cushion perennial summer
89 Potentilla Potentilla flowering shrub summer, fall
90 Primulaceae Primula perennial  
91 Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife perennial June thru autumn
92 Dacaus Carota Queen Anne's Lace perennial summer, fall
93 Rosa Rose perennial shrub spring, summer, fall
94 Hibiscus Rose Mallow perennial July, August
95 Salvia farincea Salvia annual summer, fall
96 Prumus cistena Sand Cherry flowering tree spring for flowers
97 Saxifragaceae Saxifrage perennial spring, summer
98 Caspia Sea Lavender perennial summer
99   Shooting Star weed spring, summer, fall
100 Antirrhinum Snap Dragon annual summer
101 Galanthus Snow Drop spring bulb spring
102   Speedwell perennial summer
103 Spirea Spirea flowering shrub summer, fall
104 Ornithogalum Star of Bethleham Spring Bulb spring
105 Psylliostachys Statice annual, perennial summer, fall
106 Trifolium Sweet Clover perennial spring, summer, fall
107 Tamaricaceae Tamarix tree summer
108   Thornapple flowering tree early spring for flowers
109 Tulipa Tulip spring bulbs spring
110 Verbenaceae Verbena annual spring, summer, fall
111 Violaceae Viola hardy annual spring, summer, fall
112 Viola odorata Violet, Sweet Violet perennial spring
113   Weigela flowering shrub June
114   Wild Sweet Clover perennial summer, fall
115 Anemone Wind Flower perennial spring, summer, fall
116 Wisteria Wisteria flowering vine May
117 Achillea Yarrow perennial herb summer
118 Zinnia Zinnia annual summer, fall



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